Allan Kardec

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"It is Christ Himself who is directing the labours of every kind that are being accomplished for bringing in the approaching era of renovation and elevation which your spirit-guides predict for your earth. If you look beyond these spirit-manifestations to the events that are occurring around you, you cannot fail to perceive, in the progress of all kinds now being made in your earth, the precursory signs which should convince you that the time predicted for that renovation has arrived.

"Communications are being opened, by land and sea, between all countries and peoples; and, when the physical barriers between them shall have been overthrown, the moral barriers of political and religious prejudices which kept them apart will also disappear, and the reign of fraternity will be firmly and durably established. The sovereigns themselves, impelled by an invisible hand, are seen, at the present day - a thing hitherto unheard of in your world-taking the lead in the inauguration of reforms; and reforms that are thus spontaneously begun from above will be at once more rapidly accomplished, and more durable, than those which are begun from below and by violence. Despite the prejudices of my childhood and education, despite my reverent affection for the past, I had a presentiment of the present epoch; I rejoice in it, and I rejoice still more to be able to come to you and to say: Courage, brothers! Work for your own future, and for that of those you love; work, above all, for your own personal improvement, and you will enjoy, in your next existence, a happiness which it would be as difficult for me to describe as for you to understand." "CHATEAUBRIAND."

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