Allan Kardec

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Simple Obsession

238. Simple obsession is when a malicious spirit im poses himself on a medium, intermeddles, in spite of him, in the communications he receives, prevents him from communicating with other spirits, and substitutes himself for those invoked. It is not obsession to be deceived by a lying spirit : the best medium is exposed to that, especially in the beginning, when he still lacks the necessary experience ; the same as, with us, the most honest people may be duped by rascals. One can be deceived with out being obsessed ; obsession is in the tenacity of the spirit, of whom you cannot get rid.

In simple obsession the medium knows very well that it is a deceiving spirit, and the spirit does not conceal himself : he disguises none of his bad inten tions and his desire to thwart. The medium easily recognizes the imposture, and as he is on his guard, is rarely deceived. This kind of obsession is simply dis agreeable, and has no other inconvenience than to oppose an obstacle to the communications that might be desired with serious spirits, or with those whom we love.

Physical Obsession may be ranked in this class ; those which consist in noisy and obstinate manifesta tions of certain spirits, who rap and make other noises spontaneously.

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