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288. Questions sympathetic or antipathetic to Spirits.

1. " Do spirits answer willingly to questions that are addressed to them ? "
" That is according to the questions. Serious spirits always answer with pleasure to those which have for their end good, and the means, to advance you. They do not listen to futile questions."

2. " Is it sufficient that a question be serious to ob tain a serious answer ? "
" No ; that depends on the spirit who answers."

— " But does not a serious question drive away trifling spirits ? "
" It is not the question that drives away trifling spir its ; it is the character of him zvho asks it."

3. " What are the questions especially antipathetic to good spirits ? "
" All those that are useless, or are asked from a mo tive of curiosity or test ; then they do not answer, but. withdraw."

—" Are there any questions antipathetic to imper fect spirits ? "
" Only those that might unmask their ignorance or their fraud when they try to deceive; otherwise they answer all, without troubling themselves about the truth."

4. " What is to be thought of persons who see in spirit communications only a distraction or a pastime, or a means of obtaining revelations on what interests them ? "
" These persons are very pleasing to inferior spirits, who, like them, wish to be amused, and are content when they have mystified them."

5. " Where spirits do not answer certain questions, is it the effect of their own will, or, rather, that a supe rior power is opposed to certain revelations ? "
" Both ; there are things that cannot be revealed, and others that the spirit does not know."

—" By strongly insisting, would the spirit end by an swering ? "
" No ; the spirit who does not wish to answer can always leave. It is, therefore, necessary to wait when you are told to do so ; and do not be obstinate in wish ing to make us answer. To insist upon having an answer when we do not wish to give one, is a certain means of being deceived."

6. " Can all spirits understand the questions put to them ? "
" Very far from it ; the inferior spirits are incapable of comprehending some questions, which does not, however, prevent them from answering well or ill, just as it happens among yourselves."

Remark. In some cases, and when the thing is use ful, it frequently happens that a more enlightened spirit comes to the assistance of the ignorant spirit, and breathes to him what he ought to say.
The contrast between the answers is easily recog nized ; and, besides, the spirit often acknowledges it him self. This happens only for spirits really ignorant, never for those who make a parade of false knowledge.

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