Allan Kardec

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205. To avoid useless attempts, a serious and ad- vanced spirit can be interrogated through another medium; but we must here remark that when the question of whether a person is or is not a medium is addressed to the spirits, they almost always answer affirmatively, which yet does not prevent the efforts from being unfruitful. This may be very naturally explained. A general question is put to the spirit; he answers in a general manner; for, as every one knows, nothing is more elastic than the medianimic faculty, as it can be displayed under the most varied forms, and in very different degrees. A person thus may be a medium without perceiving it, and in a different sense from the one thought of. To this vague ques- tion, Am I a medium ? the spirit may answer, Yes : to the more exact one, Am I a writing medium ? he may answer, No. The nature of the spirit questioned must also be taken into consideration; there are some so trifling and so ignorant that they answer at random, like veritable dunces: this is why we say, address en- lightened spirits, who usually answer these questions willingly, and indicate the best method to pursue if there is a possibility of success.

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