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293. Questions on the Health.
24. " Can spirits give us advice for our health ?"
" Health is a condition necessary for the work one should accomplish in the world ; for this reason they willingly attend to it ; but as there are ignorant and learned among them, it is not proper for that, any more than for anything else, to address yourself to the first comer."

25. " In addressing one's self to the spirit of a med ical celebrity, is one more certain of obtaining good advice ? "
" Terrestrial celebrities are not infallible, and have, often, systematic ideas which are not always true, and from which death does not immediately deliver them. Terrestrial science is a very small thing compared with celestial science ; the superior spirits alone have this last science ; without having names known among you, they may know much more than your learned men about everything. Science alone does not make spirits superior, and you would be very much astonished at the rank certain learned men occupy among us. The spirit of a learned man may not know more than when he was in the world, if he has not progressed as a spirit."

26. " Cannot the learned, after becoming a spirit, recognize his scientific errors ? "
" If he have reached a sufficiently high degree to be rid of his vanity, and to understand that his develop ment is not complete, he recognizes and avows them without shame ; but .if he is not sufficiently dematerialized, he may preserve some of the prejudices with which he was imbued in the world."

27. " Could a doctor, by invoking those of his pa tients who are dead, obtain from them some enlight enment on the cause of their death, the faults he may have committed in the treatment, and thus acquire an addition to his knowledge ? "
" He can ; and that would be very useful should he have the assistance of enlightened spirits, who could supply the defects in the knowledge of some of the patients. But for that he must make this study in a serious and assiduous manner, with a humanitary design, and not as a means of easily acquiring knowl edge and fortune."

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