Allan Kardec

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68. By means of the raps of which we have spoken, manifestations still more clearly indicative of intelligence were obtained. Sounds were produced like the beat of the drum, like file and platoon firing, like a cannonade; now the grating of a saw would be heard, and anon, the blows of a hammer; or the raps would imitate the movement of well-known airs, or beat time to tunes sung, or played, by the experimenters. People then began to see that, as some occult intelligence was evidently at work, it ought to be able to reply to questions susceptible of being answered by a given number of raps or tiltings, previously agreed upon, as meaning yes, or "no." * This was accordingly done; and, from the rudimentary attempts at conversation which were all that could be made through those monosyllabic signs, people soon went on to the use of the alphabet, recited by one of the sitters, the unseen intelligence indicating, by a rap or tilt, the letter of the word or phrase to be communicated. Messages and statements, often of considerable length and of most interesting character, were thus obtained.

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