Allan Kardec

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"Your doctrine is beautiful and excellent; its first landmarks are firmly set. You have but to go forward in the broad and noble road now opened before you. Blessed is ~e who shall reach the goal; and the more numerous the proselytes he shall have made on the way, the greater will be his reward. But, in order to do this, you must give to your doctrine something more than the cold assent of the intellect; you must practise it with the ardour of a hearty conviction, and this ardour will double your strength, for God is always with those who seek to bring others into the right road. Be sure that there is, in the heart of the most sceptical, the most atheistical, a little corner that he would fain hide, if possible, even from himself. That little corner is his vulnerable point; attack him there: it is a narrow breach kept purposely open by God, in order that a ray of His love may gain admission, sooner or later, into the heart that has been so long closed against Him." "SAINT BENEDICT."

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