Allan Kardec

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SPIRITUALIST. - One who occupies himself with spiritualism; a partisan of spiritualism. Whoever believes that there is in the universe something which is not matter is a spiritualist, but spiritualism does not necessarily imply a belief in the manifestations of spirits. Every spiritist is necessarily a spiritualist, but every spiritualist is not necessarily a spiritist; the materialist is neither the one nor the other. We say, "the spiritualist philosophy," as the antithesis of "theoretic materialism;" "A work embodying spiritualist ideas," as the opposite of "a work embodying materialistic ideas." We say, "Spiritist manifestations are produced by the action of spirits on matter;" "spiritist morality is the result of teachings given by spirits."
"There are spiritualists who ridicule the spiritist belief." In these examples, the employment of the word spiritualist for spiritist would produce confusion.

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