Allan Kardec

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"My friends, I am always happy to direct you on the path by which alone you can advance; to do so is a mission that has been confided to me, in which I rejoice and of which I am proud, for the power to be useful is always a reward. Let the spirit of charity unite you; the charity which loves, as well as that which gives. Show yourselves patient under the ill-will of your detractors; be firm in the right; and, above all, be humble, for it is humility alone that elevates, because it constitutes the sole greatness recognised by the Most High. Only through your humility will you attract good spirits to you, and you must remember that, if good ones do not come to you, bad ones will take the place left vacant by them. Let your sole care be to stand well in the eyes of your Creator; you will grow in the favour of men, while seeking only to grow in that of God." "SAINT LOUIS."

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