Allan Kardec

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237. Of the number of dangers which the practice of Spiritism presents, in the front rank must be placed Obsession; that is, the dominion some spirits know how to take over certain persons. It is never done except by inferior spirits, who seek to govern ; with good spirits we experience no restraint ; they advise, combat the influence of the bad, and if they are not listened to, withdraw. The bad, on the contrary, attach themselves to those whom they find exposed ; if they gain dominion over any one, they identify themselves with his own spirit, and lead him like a veritable child.

Obsession presents various characteristics, which it is very necessary to distinguish, and which result from the degree of restraint, and the nature of the effects it produces. The word obsession is, in some sort, a generic term, by which we designate this kind of phenomenon, whose principal varieties are, simple obsession, fascination, and subjugation.

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