Allan Kardec

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170. Here is another fact which proves the influ- ence spirits exercise at their will on man. We were, as before, at a theatrical representation with another seeing medium. Having engaged in conversation with a spirit spectator, he said to us, " Do you see those two ladies alone in that private box ? Well, I warrant you I will make them leave the theater."

So said, he was soon in the box, talking to the two ladies ; suddenly, from having been very attentive to the play, they looked at each other, consulted together, and finally went out, and did not return. The spirit made us a comical gesture, to show that he had kept his word, but did not return, that we might ask fur- ther explanations.

We have thus been many times witness of the part spirits play among the living : we have seen them at many reunions, — ball, concert, church, funerals, wed- dings, &c, — and everywhere we have found them ex- citing the evil passions, stirring up discord, inciting brawls, and rejoicing in their prowess ; others, on the contrary, combated this pernicious influence, though but rarely listened to.

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