Allan Kardec

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295. Questions on Hidden Treasures.

30. " Can spirits discover to us hidden treasures ? "
" The superior spirits are not engaged in such mat ters ; but mocking spirits often indicate treasures that do not exist, or can make you fancy one in a spot in a directly contrary direction from where it is ; and that has its usefulness in order to show that tfue fortune is in labor. If Providence destines hidden riches for some one, he will find them naturally ; otherwise not."

31. "What are we to think of the belief of spirit guardians for hidden treasures ?"
" Spirits who are not dematerialized are attached to things. Misers who have hidden their treasures might still watch over and guard them after their death, and the trouble of seeing them carried away is one of their punishments, until they understand how useless they are to them. There are also spirits of the earth, charged to direct its interior transformations, who have been allegorically made the guardians of natural riches."

Remark. The question of hidden treasures is in the same category as that of unknown inheritances ; very silly would he be who should reckon upon the pretended revelations that might be made to him by the jokers of the invisible world. We have said that when spirits will or can make such revelations, they do it spontaneously, and have no need of mediums for that. We give an example. A lady lost her husband, after thirty years of married life, and found herself on the brink of being expelled from her home, without any resource, by her step-son, to whom she had been as a mother. Her despair was at its height, when, one evening, her husband appeared to her, told her to follow him into his study ; there he showed her his writing desk, which was still under seal, and by a kind of second sight he made her see its interior ; he pointed out a secret drawer that she had not known, explained to her its mechanism, and added, " I fore saw what would happen, and wished to make sure of your comfort : in this drawer is my last will ; I have given you the use of this house, and a yearly income :" then he disappeared. When the day came to remove the seals, no one could open the drawer ; then the lady related what had happened to her. She opened it as her husband had told her, and there found the will, in terms exactly as he had mentioned.

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