Allan Kardec

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160. Mediums for Physical Effects are more espe- cially fit to produce material phenomena, such as move- ments of inert bodies, noises, &c. They may be divided into optional mediums and involuntary mediums. (See Part II., Chapters II. and IV.)

Optional Mediums are those who have a conscious- ness of their power, and who produce the spirit phe- nomena by the power of their will. This faculty, though, as we have said, inherent in the human spe- cies, is far from existing in all in the same degree; yet, if there are few persons with whom it is absolutely null, those who are capable of producing great effects, such as the suspension of heavy bodies in space, aerial trans- lation, and, above all, apparitions, are still more rare. The most simple effects are those of rotation of an object, rapping by the raising of the object, or even within its substance. Without attaching primary importance to these phenomena, we engage not to neglect them ; they may give occasion to interesting observations and aid conviction. But it is to be remarked that the faculty of producing physical effects rarely exists with those who have more perfect means of communication, as writing and speaking. Generally, the faculty diminishes in one sense in proportion as it develops in another.

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