Allan Kardec

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326. Experimental reunions have more especially for their object the production of physical manifesta tions. For many persons this is a more amusing than instructive spectacle ; skeptics come from them more astonished than convinced, when they have seen nothing else, and their whole thoughts are turned toward seeking out frauds, for, not understanding any of it, they willingly suspect subterfuges. It is other wise with those who have studied ; they already un derstand the possibility, and positive facts afterward achieve or finish their conviction ; if there should be fraud, they would be safe to discover it.

Yet there is a use in these experiments that no one should despise, for they were the means of discovering the laws that rule in the invisible world ; and for many they.are certainly a powerful means of conviction ; but we maintain that they alone could no more initiate the science of Spiritism, than an ingenious piece of mech anism could make us understand mechanics, were we unacquainted with its laws ; if they were always con ducted with method and prudence, better results would be obtained. We shall return to this subject.

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