Allan Kardec

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44. System of the Collective Soul. This is a variation of the preceding. According to this system, the soul alone of the medium is manifested ; . but it is identified with that of several others living, either present or absent, and forms a collective whole, unit ing the aptitude, intelligence, and knowledge of each. Though the tract in which this theory is put forth be entitled the light *, it seems to us to be of a very obscure style. We confess to have hardly compre hended it, and speak of it only from memory. It is, besides, like many others, an individual opinion, which has made few proselytes. The name Emah Tirpse is that taken by the author to designate the collective being he represents. He takes for motto, There is nothing hidden that shall Hot be known. This propo sition is evidently false, for there are many things that man cannot and ought not to know : it would be very presumptuous in him to pretend to penetrate into the secrets of God.

* This theory, since known as that of "unconscious cerebration", was first broached in a pamphlet entitled, Communion. Light of the Spirits . By EMA TIRPSE,Å a collective soul writing through the medium of a planchette. Devroye. Brussels. 1858.

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