Allan Kardec

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Change of Writing.

219. A very ordinary phenomenon, with writing mediums, is the change of writing according to the spirits who communicate; and what is more remarka- ble, the same writing is constantly reproduced with the same spirit, and sometimes it is identical with that he had while living ; we shall see, by and by, the re- sults that may be drawn from this as to identity. The change of writing takes place only with those medi- ums who are mechanical or semi-mechanical, because with them the movement of the hand is involuntary, and directed by the spirit; it is not the same with mediums purely intuitive, for in such case the spirit acts solely on the thought, and the hand is directed by the will, as in ordinary circumstances, but the uniform- ity of the writing, even with a mechanical medium, proves absolutely nothing against the faculty, change not being an absolute condition in the manifestations of the spirits ; it pertains to a special aptitude, with which the most mechanical mediums are not always endowed. We designate those who have this aptitude name of poly graphic mediums.

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