Allan Kardec

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307. Mediums for physical effects are not in the same category ; these effects are usually produced by less scrupulous, inferior spirits. We do not say that these spirits may necessarily be bad : one can be a porter and a very honest man ; a medium of this cat egory, who would make money of his faculty, might have one who would help him without repugnance ; but here again is another danger. The medium for physical effects has received his faculty no more for his pleasure than has the medium for intelligent com munications : it has been given to him on condition that he make a good use of it ; and if he abuse it, it will be withdrawn or turned to his detriment, for, per emptorily, the inferior are under the control of the superior spirits.

The inferior spirits like well to mystify, but they do not like to be mystified ; if they lend themselves will ingly to jesting, to things for curiosity, because they like amusement, they no more than others like to be used for money-making or selfish views ; and they prove at every instant that they have their will ; that they act when and how seems good to them, so that the medi um for physical effects is still less sure of the regularity of the manifestations than the writing medium. To pretend to produce them at fixed days and hours would be a proof of the most profound ignorance. What, then, will be done to earn his money ? Simulate the phenomena : this is what happens not only with those who make it a regular business, but even with persons apparently simple, who find this easier and more agreeable than to work. If the spirit does not give, they supply it : imagination is so fertile when money is in question ! Self-interest being a legitimate motive of suspicion, it gives the right for rigorous examina tion, and none can be offended by it without justifying suspicions. But as far as suspicion is legitimate in such case, just so far is it offensive toward honorable and disinterested persons.

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