Allan Kardec

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174. Somnambulistic lucidity is a faculty that per- tains to the organism, and which is entirely indepen- dent of the elevation, of the advancement, and even of the moral state of the subject. A somnambulist may, then, be very* clear, and be incapable of solving certain questions, if his spirit be but little advanced. He who talks by himself may say good or bad, true or false things ; put more or less delicacy or fastidiousness into his proceedings, according to the degree of eleva- tion or inferiority of his own spirit; then the assist- ance of a foreign spirit may supply his insufficiency; but a somnambulist may be assisted by a lying, or trifling, or even a bad spirit, as well as mediums ; it is here, above all, that the moral qualities have a great influence to attract good spirits. (See Book on Spirits, Somnambulism, No. 425; and in this, the chapter on the Moral Influence of the Medium)

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