Allan Kardec

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92. The explanation given respecting the movement of inert bodies is equally applicable to all the spontaneous phenomena that may occur. The noises referred to, though louder than the rappings on tables, have the same origin; the throwing or displacement of objects is effected by the same force that raises a table. It may be asked here:
"Where is the medium in the cases just referred to?" - Spirits have told us that, even in these cases, there is always some one whom the unseen agent makes use of, with, or without, his knowledge. Spontaneous manifestations very rarely occur in isolated places; it is almost always in inhabited houses that such things take place, and through the unconscious mediumship of some one present, whose influence aids their production, without his desiring to do so. Such persons are unmistakably mediums, although themselves unaware of their power, and may therefore be called natural mediums. They are, in comparison with other mediums, what natural somnambulists are to magnetic somnambulists, and offer quite as curious a subject of study.

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