Allan Kardec

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251. Corporeal subjugation often takes from the obsessed the energy necessary to rule the bad spirit ; for this reason the intervention of a thjrd person is needed, acting either by magnetism or by his strength of will. In default of any assistance from the ob sessed, this person should take the ascendency over the spirit ', but as this ascendency can only be moral, it is given only to a being morally superior'to the spirit to exercise it, and his power will be as much greater as his moral superiority is greater, for he commands the spirit who is forced to bend before him ; this is why Jesus had such great power to drive out what were then called demons, that is, bad obsessing spirits.

We can give here only general advice, for there is no material process, no formula, nor any sacramental word that has the power to drive away obsessing spirits. Sometimes the obsessed lacks fluidic force ; in such case the magnetic action of a good magnetizer might be a very useful help. Then it is always well to take, by a sure medium, the advice of a superior spirit, or of his guardian angel.

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