Allan Kardec

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48. The unispiritist or monospiritist theory, a variety of the optimist theory, consisting in the belief that one single spirit communicates with men, and that this Spirit is Christ, the Protector of the Earth. But as some communications are very trivial, while others are coarse, malevolent, and wicked, it would be a profanation to suppose that they emanate from the Spirit of Goodness. If those who hold this belief had never received any but irreproachable communications, we could understand their illusion; but the majority of them acknowledge that they have received some very bad ones, which they explain by saying, that the Good Spirit has wished to test them by dictating absurdities. Thus, while some attribute all communications to the devil, who says good things to tempt us, others think that Jesus alone manifests Himself; and that He says evil things to test us. Between two opinions so opposed to each other, who, or what, shall decide? Evidently, common sense and experience. We say experience, because such exclusive ideas can only be held by those who have seen and observed very little.

When we bring forward, in opposition to these ideas, facts of identity, attesting the presence of relations, friends, or acquaintances, whether through written mani- festations, by vision, or otherwise, they reply that these are always produced by the same spirit, who is the devil according to some, Christ according to others, and who is thus seen to assume all forms; but they do not tell us why other spirits cannot communicate, nor why the Spirit of Truth should deceive us, by presenting Himself under false appearances; for instance, deceiving a poor mother, by making her believe, through a lie, that He is the child for whom she weeps. Reason refuses to admit that a holy and exalted spirit could stoop to play such a comedy. Besides, does not the denial of the possibility of all other communications rob spiritism of its most precious attribute, the consolation of the afflicted? But the theory alluded to is too irrational to bear serious examination.

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