Allan Kardec

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163. In this category of mediums seem to belong the persons endowed with natural electricity — veri- table human torpedoes, producing, by simple contact, all the effects of attraction and repulsion. It would be wrong, however, to regard them as mediums, for true mediumship supposes the direct intervention of a spirit; but in the case of which we speak, conclusive experiments have proved that electricity is the only" agent of these phenomena.

This strange faculty, which might almost be called an infirmity, may sometimes be allied to mediumship, as may be seen in the history of the rapping Spirit of Bergzabern; but often it is completely independent. So, as we have said, the sole proof of the intervention of spirits is the intelligent character of the manifesta- tions ; wherever this character does not exist, there is the right to attribute them to a purely physical cause.

The question is, to know if electric persons would possess a greater aptitude for becoming mediums for physical effects; we think so, but this would be the result of experience.

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