Allan Kardec

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"You ask whether a multiplicity of groups in the same locality might not engender rivalries injurious to spiritist doctrine? To this I reply that those who are imbued with the true principles of our doctrine regard all spiritists not as rivals but as brothers, and that none could be jealous of other societies unless influenced by self-love rather than by the love of truth. True spiritism has for its motto 'Good-will and charity to all' it excludes every species of rivalry excepting emulation in doing right. All the groups on whose banner this motto is inscribed can hold out a friendly hand to each other. Let your only rivalry be one of greatness of soul, of abnegation, kindness, and humility He who should throw stones at another would prove himself to be under the dominion of evil spirits. The nature of the sentiments manifested by two persons towards each other is an unerring indication of the nature of the spirits who consort with them." "FÉNÉLON."

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