Allan Kardec

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"Children of my faith, Christians of my doctrine forgotten through the interests of the floods of the philosophy of the materialists, follow me on the road of Judea, follow the passion of my life, contemplate my enemies of the present, contemplate my sufferings, my torments, and my blood shed for my faith!

"Children, spiritualists of my new doctrine, be ready to stiffer, to brave the waves of adversity, the sarcasms of your enemies. Faith will march forward incessantly in following your star, which will guide you on the road to eternal happiness, as the star led the Magi of the East, by faith, to the Cradle. Whatever your adversaries may be, whatever your trials, whatever the tears that you have shed in this sphere of exile, take courage, be sure that the joy which will overwhelm you in the world of spirits will be far above the torments of your passing existence. The valley of tears is a valley which must disappear to give place to the brilliant sojourn of joy, of fraternity and union, which you will reach through your dutiful obedience to the holy revelation. This life, my dear brothers of this terrestrial sphere, merely preparatory though it be, can only endure for the time necessary for living well prepared for that life which can never end. Love one another, love one another as I have loved you, and as I love you still ; brothers, Courage, brothers l I bless you; in heaven I await you." "Jesus."

"From these brilliant and luminous regions which human thought can scarcely penetrate, the echo of your words and of mine has come to me and touched my heart.

"Oh! with what joy do I feel inundated by the sight of you, you, the continuers of my doctrine! No, nothing approaches the testimony of your good thoughts! You see it, my children, the regenerating idea cast by me long since into the world, persecuted, stayed, for a moment, by the oppression of tyrants, is going on now without obstacles, lighting the ways of humanity so long plunged in darkness. "Every great and disinterested sacrifice, my children, has borne fruit sooner or later. My martyrdom proved this to you; my blood poured out for my doctrine will save humanity and efface the faults of great criminals! "Blessed be ye, ye who this day take your place in the regenerated family! Go forward, courage, children!" "JESUS."

Remark. - There is certainly nothing evil in these two communications ; but did Christ ever express Himself in such an awkward, pretentious, stilted, and ridiculous style?

All the communications now quoted as apocryphal were obtained in the same circle. We notice in them a sort of family-likeness, similar turns of phraseology, the frequent repetition of the same expressions, such as, for example, "Go forward, children!" &c., from which we may conclude that the same spirit probably dictated them all, under different names. It is to be remarked that in the circle alluded to - and which was a very conscientious one, though somewhat too credulous - they never made evocations nor asked questions, hot waited for communications to be made spontaneously ; yet we see that their doing so did not suffice to ensure the authenticity of the messages received by them. A series of home-questions would have put this spirit into his proper place; hut, as they asked him nothing, and accepted, blindly and unhesitatingly, everything he said, he knew that he had nothing to fear, and seems to have amused himself accordingly by playing on their credulity (See 269).

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