Allan Kardec

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62. There is no outward indication of the medianimic faculty; experience alone is the true indicator of its existence. All that is to be done is for people to sit round a table, placing the palms of their hands flat upon it, without pressure or muscular movement. At first, when every one was ignorant of the cause of the phenomena, various precautions were thought necessary, as, for example, the placing of the sexes alternately round the table, or the linking together of the little fingers of the parties operating, so as to form an uninterrupted chain. This last condition was thought to be necessary, because it was supposed that a sort of electric current was thus established; but such precautions are now seen to be unimportant. All that is really necessary is patience. The phenomena may occur in a few minutes, or may require half an hour or an hour for their development, according to the amount of medianimic power in the persons composing the circle.

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