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175. We shall here give but a glance at this variety of mediums, because this subject requires too extended developments for our outline ; we know, besides, that a doctor, one of our friends, proposes to treat it in a spe- cial work on intuitive healing. We shall say only that this kind of mediumship consists principally in the gift possessed by some persons of healing by the sim- ple touch, by the look, even by the gesture, without the help of any medication. It will, doubtless, be said, that it is nothing but magnetism. It is evident the magnetic fluid here plays a great part; but when this phenomenon is carefully examined, it is easily seen that there is something more. Ordinary magnetiza- tion is a real treatment, continuous, regular, and me- thodical ; in it things happen very differently. Nearly all magnetizers are capable of curing, if they know how properly to undertake it; but with healing medi- ums the faculty is spontaneous, and some even possess it without ever having heard of magnetism. The inter- vention of a hidden power, which constitutes medium- ship, becomes evident under certain circumstances : it is so, particularly, when it is considered that most persons, whom we can reasonably qualify as healing mediums, have recourse to prayer, which is a real invo- cation. (See No'. 131.)
176. Here are the answers to the following questions addressed to the spirits, on this subject: —

1. " Can persons endowed with magnetic power be considered as forming a variety of mediums ?"

" You cannot doubt it."

2. "Yet the medium is an intermediary between the spirits and man ; but the magnetizer, drawing his strength from within himself, seems not to be the inter- mediary of any foreign power."

" It is an error: the magnetic power resides, doubt- less, in the man ; but it is augmented by the action of the spirits he calls to his aid. If you magnetize with a view to healing, for instance, and you invoke a good spirit, who interests himself in you and your patient, he augments your strength and your will; he directs your fluid, and gives it the necessary qualities."

3. " But there are very good magnetizers who do not believe in spirits."

" Do you think that spirits act only on those who believe in them ? Those who magnetize for good pur- poses are seconded by good spirits. Every man who has a desire to do good undoubtedly calls them ; the same as by the desire of evil, and evil intentions, he calls the evil."

, 4. " Would he who has the power act more effica- ciously, should he believe in the intervention of spirits ?"

" He would do things you would look upon as mir- acles."

5. " Have some persons truly the gift of healing by the simple touch, without employing magnetic passes ?"

" Assuredly ; have you not numerous examples of it?"

6. " I n this case is there magnetic action, or only influence of spirits ?"

" Both; these persons are veritable mediums, be- eause they act under the influence of spirits ; but that is not to say they would be writing mediums, as you would understand it."

7. " Can this power be transmitted ?"

" The power, no ; but the knowledge of the things necessary to its exercise where it is possessed. A person would not suspect that he has this power if he did Jiof believe it has been transmitted to him."

8. " Can cures be made by prayer alone ?"

" Yes, sometimes, if God permits ; but perhaps the good of the sick person is that he should suffer, and then you believe that your prayers are not heard."

9. " Are there some forms of prayer more efficacious for that than others ?"

" Superstition alone can attach a virtue to certain words, and ignorant or lying spirits alone can enter- tain such ideas in prescribing forms. Yet it may happen that, for persons not much enlightened, and incapable of understanding things purely spiritual, the employment of a formula helps to give them confi- dence ; in this case it is not the form that is efficacious, but the faith that is increased by the idea attached to the use of the form."

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