Allan Kardec

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304. As everything can become a subject for mak ing capital, it is not astonishing that persons should wish to make capital out of the spirits ; it remains to be seen how they will take the thing, if such a specu lation should be introduced. We will say, first, that nothing lends greater aid to charlatanism and jug glery than such doings. If we see false somnambu lists, still oftener do we see false mediums ; and this reason alone should induce distrust. Disinterested ness, on the contrary, is the most peremptory answer to those who see nothing in the facts but a skillful maneuver. There is no disinterested charlatanism. What motive could persons have for using deception without profit ? still more, when their proved honor places them above suspicion. ?

If the gain a medium may draw from his faculty may be an object of suspicion, this would not be a proof that the suspicion is well founded ; he might have a real aptitude, and act in perfect sincerity, while making it pay : let us see if, in this case, we can rea sonably expect a satisfactory result.

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