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Chapter 2 - Administration

Article 8 - The Society shall be administered by a Director-President, assisted by members of a board and commission.

Article 9 - The board shall be comprised of a President, VicePresident, General Secretary, two Assistant Secretaries and a Treasurer.
One or more Honorary Presidents may be appointed.
In the absence of the President and Vice-President, the sessions shall be presided over by one of the commission members.

Article 10- The Director-President shall dedicate all his/her attention to the interests of the Society and Spiritist Science. He/she is responsible for the general direction and supervision of administration, as well as the maintenance of the archives. The President is appointed for three years, and the other members of the board for one year, eligible to be reelected indefinitely.

Article 11 - The Commission is comprised of board members and five other full members, chosen from amongst those who have taken an active role in the Society's projects, have rendered service to the cause of Spiritism, or have revealed a benevolent and conciliatory spirit. These five members, like those of the board, are appointed for one year and may be reelected.

The Commission is eligibly presided over by the Director-President, or in his/her absence, by the Vice-President or by one of its members designated for the purpose.

The Commission is in charge of examining beforehand all the administrative issues, proposals, and other matters, which must be submitted to the Society: controlling the receipts and expenses of the Society, and the accounts of the treasury; authorizing ordinary expenses and all measures deemed necessary.

It shall also examine study materials proposed by various members, formulate them on their behalf, and set the order of the sessions according to the President.

The President may always oppose the examination of certain subjects and their placement on the agenda, except when he/she appeals to the board, which shall decide.

The Commission shall meet regularly before the sessions begin in order to examine the subjects at hand, and also at any other time deemed appropriate.

The members of the board and commission who are absent for three consecutive months without a justifiable excuse shall be considered to have renounced their duties and shall be replaced.

Article 12 - Decisions of either the Society or the Commission shall be made by the absolute majority of the members present; in case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

The Commission may deliberate with a quorum of four members. Vote by secret ballot shall be taken if requested by five members.

Article 13 - Every three months, six members chosen from among the full members or free associates shall be appointed to fulfill the functions of Commissioners.

Commissioners are in charge of supervising the order and proper conducting of the sessions, and verifying the right of participation by any outside person who would like to attend.

To do so, designated members shall agree amongst themselves which one will be present at the opening of the sessions.

Article 14 - The business year shall begin April 1. Appointments to the board and Commission shall be made at the first May session. Incumbent members shall continue their duties until then.

Article 15 - To cover the Society's expenses, an annual fee of 24 francs shall be charged to full members and 20 francs to free associates.

Full members shall also pay a fee of 10 francs at their admission. The fee is paid in full for the year in progress.

Members admitted during the year shall only pay for the quarters remaining, calculated from the date of admission.

Whenever a husband and wife are accepted as free associates or full members, they shall only be required to pay between them one and a half times the normal fee.

Every six months - on April 1 and October 1 - the Treasurer shall render an accounting to the Commission for the use and situation of the funds.

After current expenses for rent and other necessities have been paid, the Society shall determine the use of any balance left over.

Article 16 - A membership card stating their status shall be given to all who are admitted as free associates and full members. This card shall remain -with the Treasurer until the new member can pick it up after having paid his/her admission fee. The new member may not attend any sessions before picking up the card. Failure to do so within one month of admission shall mean that the member is regarded as having resigned.

Every member who has not paid the annual fee within the first month of the beginning of the business year shall also be regarded as having resigned if he/she has not heeded the warning sent by the Treasurer.

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