Allan Kardec

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310. It will, perhaps, be said, that a medium who gives his time to the public, in the interest of the thing, cannot give it for nothing ; for he must live. But is it in the interest of the thing, or in his own, that he gives it ? and is it not rather because he sees in it a lucrative business ? You can always find de voted people at that price. Has he no other industry at his disposal ? Let us not forget that spirits, what ever may be their superiority or inferiority, are the souls of the dead ; and when morality and religion make it a duty to respect their remains, the obligation is still greater to respect their spirits.

What would be said of one who should take a corpse from the tomb to exhibit it for money, because there might be something about it to arouse curiosity ?

Is it less disrespectful to exhibit the spirit than the body, under the pretext that it is curious to see a spirit act ? It is also to be remarked that the price of seats is according to the wonders they can perform, and the attraction of the spectacle. Surely, during his life, had he been a comedian, he could hardly have supposed that, after his death, he would find a manager who would make him play comedy gratis for said manager's own profit.

It must not be forgotten that physical as well as in telligent manifestations are permitted by God only for our instruction.

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