Allan Kardec

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243. Obsession may be known by the following characteristics :
First. Persistence of a spirit in communicating, bon gre, mal gr6, by writing, hearing, typtology, &c, and in opposing whatever other spirits may do.

Second. Illusion, which, notwithstanding the intelligence of the medium, prevents him from seeing the falsity and absurdity of the communications he receives.

Third. Belief in the infallibility and absolute iden tity of the spirits who communicate, and who, under respected and venerated names, say false or absurd things.

Fourth. Confidence of the medium in the eulogiurns the spirits who communicate with him bestow upon him.

Fifth. A disposition to withdraw from persons who may give him useful advice.

Sixth. Taking in ill part all criticisms on the sub ject of the communications he receives.

Seventh. An incessant and inopportune desire to write.

Eighth. Any physical restraint whatever against the will, and being forced to act or speak in spite of one's self.
Ninth. Persistent noises and disturbances about one, and of which one is the cause, or object.

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