Allan Kardec

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135. Frivolous communications emanate from spirits who are frivolous, mischievous, and tricksy, rather than wicked, and who attach no importance to what they say. As there is nothing unseemly in their communications, they amuse persons who take pleasure in futile talk. Such spirits, however, sometimes come down upon their interlocutors with clever, biting sallies throwing on, in the midst of commonplace jokes, hard truths which often hit the mark. These frivolous spirits are around us in swarms, and take every opportunity of mixing themselves up with the communications of other spirits. Having no respect for veracity, they take a mischievous pleasure in hoaxing those who have the weakness or presumption to believe them. Those who amuse themselves with such communications naturally give access to foolish and deceptive spirits ; while, at the same time, they repel serious ones, who, like serious men, avoid the society of the unreasoning and the giddy.

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