Allan Kardec

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328. Spirit instruction comprises not only the moral teachings given by the spirits, but, still more, the study of facts ; here belong the theory of all the phenomena, the inquiry into causes, and consequently, the verifica tion of what is possible and what is not ; in a word, the observation of all that can advance science. But it would be a mistake to suppose that the facts are limited to the extraordinary phenomena; that those which strike the senses most forcibly are alone worthy of attention ; at every step in the intelligent commu nications, which men united for study must not neglect, are met these facts, impossible to enumerate, springing from a host of unforeseen circumstances ; though less salient, they are none the less of the highest interest for the observer, who finds therein either the confir mation of a known principle, or the revelation of a new one, which brings him still further into the mys teries of the invisible world : there also is philosophy.

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