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191. Writing or Psychographic Mediums. Those who have the faculty of writing under the influence of spirits.

Mechanical Writing Mediums. Those whose hand receives an involuntary impulse, and who have no consciousness of what they write. Very rare. (No. 179.)

Semi-mechanical Mediums. Those whose hand moves involuntarily, but who have instantaneous consciousness of the words or phrases as they write them. The most common. (No. 181.)

Intuitive Mediums. Those to whom the spirit com- municates by the thought, and whose hand is guided by the will. They differ from inspired mediums, inso- much as these last have no need to write, while the intuitive medium writes the thought suggested to him instantaneously on any given and induced subject. (No. 180.)

" They are very common, but also very subject to error, because often they cannot distinguish what emanates from the spirits, and what from their own ideas.'

Polygraphic Mediums. Those whose writing changes with the spirit who communicates, or who are apt to reproduce the writing the spirit had during his life. The first case is very common ; the second — that of the identity of the writing — is more rare. (No. 219.)

Polyglot Mediums. Those who have the faculty of speaking or writing in languages unknown to them. Very rare.

Illiterate Mediums. Those who write as mediums, without knowing how to read or write in the ordinary state.

" More rare than the preceding; there is a much greater material difficulty to overcome."

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