Allan Kardec

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248. It frequently happens that a medium can com municate only with one single spirit, who attaches himself to him, and answers for those who are called by his mediation. This is not always an obsession, for it may pertain to a certain want of flexibility in the medium, and to a special affinity on his part for such or such a spirit. There is no obsession, properly called, except when a spirit imposes himself on a medium, and forces away others by his will ; this is never the case with a good spirit. Usually the spirit who makes himself master of a medium with the view of governing him, does not suffer the critical examina tion of his communications ; when he sees they are not accepted, and that they are discussed, he does not retire, but he inspires the medium with the thought of isolating himself ; often he even commands him to do so. Every medium who is wounded by the criticism of the communications he obtains, is the echo of the spirit who governs him, and this spirit cannot be good if he inspires an illogical thought — that of refus ing examination. The isolation of the medium is always a lamentable thing for him, because then he has no critic for his communications. Not only should he gain insight by the advice of others, but it is ne cessary for him to study all kinds of communications in order to compare them ; in shutting himself up in those he himself obtains, however good they may appear to him, he is exposed to delusion as to their value, without reckoning that he cannot know every thing, and that they nearly always run in the same groove. (No. 192, Exclusive Mediums)

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