Allan Kardec

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169. One evening we were at a representation of the opera of Oberon, with a very good seeing medium. There were in the house quite a number of seats vacant, but many of which were occupied by spirits, who seemed to be taking their share in the scene; some went near certain of the spectators, and appeared to listen to their conversation. On the stage another scene was passing ; behind the actors several humor- ous, jovial spirits amused themselves in mimicking them, imitating their gestures in a grotesque manner ; others, more serious, seemed to inspire the singers, and make efforts to give them energy. One of them was constantly near one of the principal female singers; we thought his intentions a little light. Having called him, after the fall of the curtain, he came to us, and reproached us with some severity for our rash judg- ment. "I am not what you think," said he ; "I am her guide and spirit protector ; it is I who am charged to direct her." After some moments of very serious conversation, he left us, saying, " Adieu! she is at home: I must go watch over her."

We afterward called the spirit of Weber, the author of the opera, and asked him what he thought of the execution of his work. " It is not so very bad," said he; "but it is tame; the actors sing—that is all; there is no inspiration. Wait!" added he ; "I will try to give them a little of the sacred fire." Then we saw him on the stage, hovering above the actors: a breath seemed to part from ,him, and spread over them, and a. very visible increase of energy took place among them.

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