Allan Kardec

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187. Mediums may be divided into two great classes.

MEDIUMS FOR PHYSICAL EFFECTS. Those who have the power to induce material effects or ostensible manifestations. (No. 160.)

MEDIUMS FOR INTELLECTUAL EFFECTS. Those who. are more especially proper to receive and transmit intelligent communications.. (No. 65, &c.)

All the other varieties more or less directly belong to one or the other of these classes ; some pertain to both. If the different phenomena produced under medianimic influence are analyzed, it will be seen that in all there is a physical effect, and that to the physical effects are most often joined an intelligent one. The boundary between the two is sometimes difficult to establish; but that is of no consequence. We comprehend under the denomination Mediums for Intellectual Effects those who can more specially serve as intermediaries for regular and continuous communica- tions. (No. 133.)

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