Allan Kardec

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86. Several years ago, when we first began the study of spiritism, and while occupied in writing a work in regard to it, we heard knockings around us for four hours consecutively; it was the first time that anything of the sort had occurred to us, and we had abundant proof that they were not produced by accident; but, for the moment, we could not ascertain anything more about them. At that period, we frequently saw an excellent writing medium; and, next morning, we questioned the spirit who communicated through that medium as to the cause of the knockings we had heard. " It is," he replied, "your familiar spirit who desires to speak to you."-What does he wish to say to us?-" You can ask him yourself, for he is here." Having addressed the same question to this spirit, he announced himself to us under an allegorical name (we learned afterwards, from other spirits, that he belongs to a very elevated order, and played a very important part when on earth), pointed out to us certain errors in our work, indicating the lines in which they occurred, gave us wise and useful counsel, and added that he would be always with us, and would come at our call, whenever we might desire to interrogate him. From that time, the spirit alluded to has never quitted us. He has given us innumerable proofs of his great superiority and his kindly and efficacious intervention has been plainly shown in our worldly affairs, as well as in our investigation of metaphysical questions. But, after our first meeting, the knockings were never renewed. Why was this? Evidently, because lie had wished to enter into regular communication with us ; and, in order to do this, it was necessary to apprise us of the fact. The signal once made and explained, and regular relations established between us, the raps ceased to be useful, and therefore were not again produced. When soldiers are already on parade, the drum is no longer beaten to awaken them.

A fact of a similar character occurred in the experience of a friend of ours. For some time his bedroom had resounded with different noises, which at length became very annoying. Having had an opportunity of conferring with the spirit of his father, through a writing medium, he learned that the noises had been made by him, ascertained his wishes, did what he was thus requested to do, and was never again disturbed. It may here be remarked that those who have the means of communicating regularly and easily with spirits are much more rarely subject to manifestations of this kind than those who have not the means of doing so ; a fact which explains itself.

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