Allan Kardec

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207. Another means, that' may also powerfully con- tribute to the development of the faculty, consists in .gathering together a certain number of persons all animated by the same desire and by a community of intention; then let all simultaneously, in absolute silence, and with a religious concentration, try to write, each appealing to his guardian angel or to some sympathetic spirit. One of them may, without special designation, and for all the members of the assembly, make a general appeal to good spirits, say- ing, for instance, In the name of Almighty God, we pray good spirits to please communicate by the persons here present. It is very seldom that among the num- ber there will not be some who give prompt signs of mediumship, or even write easily in a very short time.

This can be readily explained. Persons united by a community of intention form a collective whole, whose power and susceptibility are increased by a kind of magnetic influence which aids in the development of the faculty. Among the spirits attracted by this con- course of wills, there are some who find the instrument suited to them ; if not one, it will be another, and they profit by it.

This method is suited to a circle of spiritists who are in want of mediums, or who have not a sufficient number.

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