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331. A reunion is a collective being, whose qualities and properties are the result of those of its members, and form, as it were, a bundle, and this bundle will have as much more force as it may be more homogeneous. If our readers have thoroughly understood what has been said (No. 282, Question 5) on the manner in which spirits are warned of our call, they easily com prehend the power of the association of thought in the assistants. If the spirit is, in some sort, struck by the thought as we are by the voice, twenty persons, being united in the same intention, will necessarily have more force than one alone ; but that all these things may tend toward the same end, they must vibrate in unison ; let them be commingled, as it were, in a one, which cannot be done without concentration of thought.

Then, again, the spirit, entering a completely sym pathetic circle, is more at his ease ; finding there only friends, he comes more willingly, and is more disposed to answer. Any person who has attentively watched intelligent spirit manifestations, must have become convinced of this truth.

If the thoughts are divergent, the result will be a clashing of ideas disagreeable for the spirit and injuri ous to the manifestations. It is the same with a man addressing an assembly ; if he feel all the thoughts to be sympathetic and kindly to him, the impression he receives will react on his own ideas, and give them more fervor ; the .unanimity of the assembly exercises on him a kind of magnetic action, which doubles his means, while indifference or hostility troubles or para lyzes him ; so actors are inspired by plaudits ; and spirits, being much more impressionable than human beings, are very much more sensitive to the influence of the surroundings.

Every spiritist reunion should tend as much as pos sible to homogeneity ; of course it is understood that we speak of those that would achieve serious and truly useful results ; if they desire simply to receive com munications, without caring for the quality of those who give them, it is evident that all these precautions are not necessary ; but then they should not complain of the quality of the product.

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