Allan Kardec

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159. EVERY person who feels, in any degree what- ever, the influence of the spirits, is a medium. This faculty is inherent in man, and consequently not an exclusive privilege ; so there are few in whom are not found some rudiments of it.

It might thus be said that very nearly every one is a medium. Usually, this qualification is applied only to those in whom the medianimic faculty is clearly characterized, and shown by visible effects of a certain intensity, which depends on an organization more or less sensitive. It must be remarked that this faculty is not revealed in the same manner with all; mediums, usually, have a special aptitude for such or such order of phenomena, which makes as many varieties as there are kinds of manifestations. The principal are, mediums for physical effects; sensitive or impressible mediums; auditive ; speaking; seeing; somnambulis- tic; healing; pneumatographic ; writing or psychographic.

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