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Chapter 1 - Purpose and composition of the society

Article 1 - The Society's purpose is to study all the phenomena related to spirit manifestations and their application to the moral, physical, historical and psychological sciences. Issues involving politics, religious controversy or social economics are forbidden. It shall take the name: Parisian Society for Spiritist Studies.

Article 2 - The Society shall be composed of registered members, free associates and correspondence members. It may confer honorary membership on individuals residing in France or abroad, who by their position or work may provide an important service to it. Honorary members are subject to annual reelection.

Article 3 - The Society shall only admit individuals who sympathize with its principles and the objective of its projects, those who have already been initiated into the fundamental principles of Spiritist Science, or those who are seriously animated by the desire for instruction in it. Consequently, it shall exclude all who may bring trouble to its meetings, either through a hostile attitude and theoretical disagreement or for any other reason that may cause a waste of time on needless argumentation.

All members are mutually obligated to display benevolence and good manners, and in all circumstances must place the general good above personal issues and self-importance.

Article 4 - To be admitted as a free associate, the request must be made in writing to the President, supported by the signature of two full members, who will be responsible for the intentions of the postulant.

The request must state: 1) if the postulant already possesses an understanding of Spiritism; 2) what his/her convictions are concerning the fundamental points of Spiritist Science; 3) a promise to fully comply with these regulations.

The request shall be submitted to the commission, which, depending on the case, shall propose admission, postponement or rejection.

Postponement is required for every candidate who does not yet possess any understanding of Spiritist Science or does not sympathize with the Society's principles.

Free associates have the right to attend all sessions, to participate in activities and study groups, but will have no right to vote on administrative matters of the Society.

Free associates shall only be such during the year of their admission and permanent membership in the Society must be ratified at the end of that year.

Article 5 - To be a full member it is necessary to have been a free associate for at least one year, to have attended more than half the sessions and to have given during that time obvious proof of the applicant's understanding of his/her convictions concerning Spiritism, his/her adhesion to the Society's principles and his/her willingness to act according to the principles of charity and Spiritist morality in all circumstances involving colleagues.

Free associates who have regularly attended the Society's sessions for six months may be admitted as full members if they have also fulfilled the other conditions.

Admission shall be proposed ex officio with the consent of the associate if supported by three full members. Next, and depending on the case, it shall be submitted to the vote of the Society by secret ballot after a verbal report by the commission.

Only full members have the right to vote and to enjoy the rights granted in Article 25.

Article 6 - If it deems it appropriate, the Society shall limit the number of free associates and full members.

Article 7 - Correspondence members are those who do not reside in Paris, but who maintain relations with the Society and furnish it with documents that may be useful for its studies. They may be nominated through the presentation of only one full member.

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