Allan Kardec

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"No; one cannot 'change one's religion,' when one does not possess a religion which can at the same time satisfy one's common sense and intelligence, and which can, above all, give present consolation to man. No! one does not change one's religion; what one does is to fall from folly and domination into wisdom and liberty. Come on, come on, our little army! come on, and do not fear the enemy's bullets! Those which will kill you are not yet cast, if you are always, from the bottom of your heart, in the way of God; that is to say, if you will always combat, pacifically and victoriously, for ease and liberty." "VINCENT DE PAUL"

Remark. - Who could recognise the excellent and beneficent man called Saint Vincent de Paul in language so loose and in thoughts so void of common sense, as the foregoing? What does the spirit mean by saying "No, one does not 'change one's religion,' ""one falls from folly and domination into wisdom and liberty?" With his "bullets which are not yet cast," this spirit would seem to be the same as that of the trooper who signed Napoleon in the preceding communication. In regard to the two following quotations, the absurdity of signing such messages with such a name, is too obvious to call for comment.

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