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Chapter 4 - Miscellaneous dispositions

Article 23 - All members of the Society owe it their cooperation. Therefore, they have the duty to gather within their respective circle of observation those old or recent cases that can be linked to Spiritism and communicate them, At the same time and whenever possible, they shall inquire about the notoriety of such cases. They also have the duty to list all publications that may have a more or less direct relation with the objective of Spiritism's projects.

Article 24 - The Society shall critique the various works published on Spiritism whenever it considers it appropriate. In order to do so, it shall entrust one of its full members or free associates with writing an opinion, which will be published in La Revue Spirite, when deemed appropriate.

Article 25 - The Society shall build a special library comprised of works that have been offered to it and that it acquires. At the Society's headquarters, full members may use this library and the archives on days and at times set for this purpose.

Article 26 - Considering that its responsibility may be morally compromised by private publications made by its members, the Society has determined that no one shall use the title Society Member in any writing without having been authorized to do so and without having made the text known beforehand. The Commission shall be in charge of making a report on the matter. If the Society regards the writing as incompatible with its principles, the author, after having been heard out, will be invited to modify it or renounce its publication, or not to publish it under the title Society Member. If he/she does not wish to abide by the decision, he/she maybe expelled.

Any writing published anonymously by a Society member without any clues as to whom the author is belongs to the category of ordinary publications, and the Society reserves the right to evaluate it. However, without wanting to hinder the free expression of personal opinion, the Society invites its members who intend to publish in this manner to ask for its official opinion beforehand in the interest of the Science,

Article 27 - Since the Society desires to maintain within itself the unity of the principles and spirit of mutual benevolence, it may expel any member who becomes a source of trouble or who expresses open hostility against it through writings that compromise the Doctrine, who holds subversive opinions or through any procedure of which the Society cannot approve, There shall be no expulsion, however, except after an unheeded warning, and after hearing the guilty member out, if he/she wishes to offer an explanation, The decision shall be made in top secret by a majority of three fourths of the members present.

Article 28 - Every member who withdraws voluntarily during the course of the year cannot request a proportional refund of his/her fee. However, such refund shall be made if the member is expelled by the Society.

Article 29 - These regulations shall be modified as necessary. Proposals for modification shall be made only through the President, to whom they shall be transmitted after having been accepted by the Commission.

Without modifying the regulations on essential points, the Society may adopt all supplementary measures it deems appropriate.

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