Allan Kardec

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313. We are fully aware that our severity in respect to interested mediums will arouse against us all those who make money, or may be tempted to make money, by this new trade ; and we shall make bitter enemies of them, as well as of their friends, who will naturally take up their cause ; we console ourselves that the merchants whom Jesus drove from the temple could not have regarded him with a favorable eye. We have also against us those who do not see the thing with the same gravity ; yet we believe we have a right to our opinion and to express it : we force no one to adopt it. If an immense majority agree with us, it is, apparently, because they find it just ; for we see not, indeed, how it can be proved that there are not more good chances for frauds and abuses in speculation than in disinterestedness. As to ourselves, if our writings have tended to cast discredit on interested mediumship in France and in other countries, we believe it will not be one of the least services they will have ren dered to serious Spiritism.

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