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3. According to the Kind and Speciality of the Communications.

193. Versifying Mediums. They obtain, more easily than others, communications in verse. Very common for bad verses, very rare for good ones.

Poetic Mediums. Without obtaining verse, the com- munications they receive are somewhat vaporous and sentimental; nothing expresses roughness: they are, more than others, suited to the expression of tender and affectionate expressions. All is vague, and it would be useless to ask anything exact of them. Very common.

Positive Mediums. Their communications have, in general, a character of clearness and precision which is easily accommodated to circumstantial details and exact teachings. Quite rare.

Literary Mediums. They have neither the vagueness of poetic mediums, nor the matter of fact of positive mediums ; but they discuss with sagacity ; their style is correct, elegant, and often remarkably eloquent

Incorrect Mediums. They can obtain very good things, thoughts of irreproachable morality; but their style is diffuse, incorrect, full of repetitions and improper terms.

" Material incorrectness of style is, generally speak- ing, the fault of want of intellectual culture of the medium, who is not, in this respect, a good instrument for the spirit; the spirit attaches little importance to it; for him, the essential thing is the thought, and he leaves you free to give it a suitable form. It is not the same with the false and illogical ideas a communication may enclose; they are always an indication of the inferiority of the spirit."

Historical Mediums. Those who have a special ap- titude for historical developments. This faculty, like all the others, is independent of the knowledge of the mediums; for unlearned persons, and even children, are often seen to treat of subjects far above their men- tal caliber. A rare variety of positive mediums.

Scientific Mediums. We do not say scientists, for they may be very ignorant, and, notwithstanding that, they may be more especially suited to communications relating to the sciences.

Medical Mediums. Their speciality is to serve more easily as interpreters to spirits for medical prescrip- tions. They must not be confounded with healing mediums, for these absolutely do nothing but transmit the thought of the spirit, and have, by themselves, no influence. Quite common.

Religious Mediums. They receive, more especially, communications of a religious character, or those that treat questions of religion without regard to their beliefs or their habits.

Moral Philosophic Mediums. Their communications have usually for their object questions of morals and higher philosophy. Very common for morals.

" All these shades are varieties of aptitudes of good mediums. As to those who have a special aptitude for certain communications, scientific, historical, medi- cal, or others, beyond their actual caliber, be sure they have possessed these knowledges in another existence, and that they have remained with them in a latent state; they make a part of the cerebral material necessary to the spirit who manifests himself; they are the elements which facilitate the way for him to communicate his own ideas ; for these mediums are but instruments for him, more intelligent and more easily managed than an animal would be. ERASTUS."

Mediums for Trivial and Obscene Communications.

These words indicate the kind of communications that certain mediums habitually receive, and the nature of the spirit who makes them. Whoever has studied the spirit world in all the degrees of its scale, knows that there are those whose perversity equals that of the most depraved men, and who are pleased to express their thoughts in the grossest terms. Others, less abject, are contented with trivial expressions. These mediums should desire to be relieved from the pref- erence these spirits accord them, and should envy those who, in the communications they receive, have never had an unwholesome word. One must have a strange aberration of ideas, and an utter divorce from good sense, to believe such language could be that of good spirits.

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