Allan Kardec

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157. We call the writing thus obtained indirect psychography, in opposition to direct or manual psy- chography, obtained by the medium's self. To understand the last, it is necessary to notice what happens in this operation. The spirit who is communicating acts on the medium, who, under this influence, directs his arm and hand to write, without having (at least in ordinary cases) the least consciousness of what he writes ; the hand acts on the basket, and the basket on the pencil. Thus, it is not the basket that becomes intelligent; it is an instrument directed by an intelli- gence ; it is, in reality, but a pencil-holder, an appen- dage to the hand, an intermediary between the hand and the pencil; suppress this intermediary, and hold the pencil in the hand, and you will have the same result, with a mechanism much more simple, since the medium writes as he does in normal conditions, so every one who writes with the aid of a basket, plan- chette, or other object, could write directly.

Of all the means of communication, writing with the hand— called by some involuntary writing — is, with- out contradiction, the most simple, the easiest, and the most convenient, because it requires no preparation, and because, as in ordinary writing, it can be used for the most extended development. We shall return to this in speaking of mediums.

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