Allan Kardec

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325. Frivolous reunions are composed of persons who see only the jesting side of the manifestations, who are amused with the humor of the trifling spirits, who are very fond of these assemblies, where they have full liberty to say what they please, and are not considered at fault. In these reunions nonsense of all kinds is asked ; here is where they expect fortunetelling of the spirits, where they put their perspicacity to the proof to guess ages, what they have in .their pockets, to detect little secrets, and a hundred other things of like importance.

These reunions are of little consequence ; but as the trifling spirits are often very intelligent, and are usually in an easy and jovial mood, they often produce in them very curious things, from which an observer may draw profit ; he who has seen only that, and should judge the world of spirits from that sample, would have as false an idea of it as one who should judge the whole society of a great city by the inhabit ants of a certain part of it. Simple good sense tells us that elevated spirits cannot enter such reunions, where the spectators are no more serious than the actors. If persons desire to engage in futile things, they must frankly call trifling spirits, as they would call jesters, to amuse a society ; but there would be profanation in inviting thither venerated names, — to mingle the sacred with the profane.

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