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147. The possibility of writing without any human intermediary being now proved to be one of the attributes of a spirit, and spirits having always existed and having always produced the various phenomena with which we are now acquainted, it follows that they must have produced direct writing in ancient times, as well as at the present day; and we are thus enabled to explain the apparition of the four words on the wall of Belshazzar's palace.

The Middle Ages, so fertile in occult prodigies which it was sought to smother in the ashes of the stake, must also have witnessed the phenomenon of direct writing; and it was probably from a knowledge of the modifications which spirits can effect in matter, that the alchemists derived their belief in the transmutation of metals. (Chap. VIII.) But whatever partial knowledge of spirit-action may have been arrived at in the past, it is only in these latter days, and since the generalisation of the order of facts we are considering, that direct spirit-writing has attracted serious attention. The subject was first brought forward in Europe by Baron Guldenstubbe, in his very interesting work on this subject, containing a great number of fac-similes of direct spirit-writing obtained by him. * The phenomenon in question, however, had been known in America some time before; and has since occurred through several other mediums.

* The Reality of Spirits and of their Manifestations, proved by the Phenomenon of Direct Writing, GULDENSTUBBE.

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