Allan Kardec

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299. In order to comprehend the cause and the value of the contradictions of spirit origin, one must become identified with the nature of the invisible world, and have studied it under every aspect. At first sight, it may seem astonishing that the spirits do not all think the same ; but that cannot surprise any one who will consider the infinite number of degrees that must be passed through before attaining the height of the scale. To suppose them to have ah equal appreciation of things would be to suppose them all at the same level ; to think they should all see cor rectly would be to admit that they have all reached perfection, which is not and cannot be, if it be remem bered that they are but human beings stripped of the corporeal envelope. Spirits of every rank being able to manifest themselves, the result is, that their com munications bear the seal of their ignorance or their knowledge, of their moral inferiority or superiority. The instructions we have given are to enable the true to be distinguished from the false, the good from the bad.

It must not be forgotten that among spirits, as among men, there are false and half-learned scientists, haughty and presumptuous spirits, and systematists. As it is given only to the perfected spirits to know everything, there are for others, as well as for us, mys teries which Jhey explain in their own way, according to their ideas, and on which they may have opinions more or less correct, which from self-love they desire to have prevail, and which they like to put forth in their communications. The wrong is, that some of their interpreters have too lightly embraced opinions contrary to good sense, and of which the authors should be made responsible. Thus, the contradic tions of spirit origin have no cause but the diversity of intelligence, knowledge, judgment, and morality of spirits who are, as yet, unfitted to know everything, or . to comprehend everything. (See Book on Spirits. Introduction, § XIII. ; Conclusion, § IX.)

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