Allan Kardec

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165. They hear the voice of the spirits : it is, as we have said, in speaking of pneumatophony, sometimes an interior voice, which makes itself heard in the soul; at other times it is an exterior voice, clear and distinct as that of a living person. An auditive medium can enter into conversation with the spirits. When they are accustomed to communicate with certain spirits, they immediately recognize the character of the voice. When a person is not himself endowed with this fac- ulty, he can communicate with a spirit by means of an auditive medium, who fills the office of interpreter.

This faculty is very agreeable when the medium hears only good spirits, or only those he calls ; but it is not the same when a bad spirit is always after him, making him hear at every moment the most disagreea- ble, and often the most improper things. It then becomes necessary to get rid of him by the means we indicate in the chapter on Obsession.

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